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Donate to Africa

When you donate to Africa through Save the Children, you are helping children to overcome poverty and to fight hunger so they can have a brighter future.

Donate to Africa 

Donate to Africa through our East Africa Crisis Appeal for areas where widespread drought has caused successive crop failures, leaving families with little food or water. Donate clothes to Africa, through one of our Op Shops (where the clothes will be sold to raise additional funds). Donate to stop famine – just $55 can provide high calorie food to help 75 children suffering from severe malnutrition. You can also donate water to Africa – a $28 donation can provide one month of water for three school children. 

Donate to Africa famine sufferers via Save the Children. Everything we raise will help provide urgent support to children and families in South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria. We are already reaching the hardest-hit communities, providing food aid and cash transfers so children can eat, treating children suffering from severe malnutrition, getting clean drinking water to hard-to-reach communities as well as providing technical assistance to governments to support their responses. If you want to donate to stop famine or donate clothes to Africa support Save the Children today.

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