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Yemen in crisis

Weak, malnourished and caught up in a long and drawn-out civil war, the people of Yemen were struggling to survive. Then came one of the world’s worst cholera outbreaks, putting the lives of more than one million children – all under five years old – at risk.

A country in crisis

The situation in Yemen feels very much like a neglected crisis. After more than two years of civil war in Yemen, healthcare systems have been destroyed, there isn’t enough food for 70% of the population, and very little humanitarian aid is getting through. Water and sanitation systems are in a bad state, and around 14 million people don’t have safe drinking water.

How children are impacted

Millions of children in Yemen are at risk of starving to death, being killed in conflict or dying from cholera. This is one of the world’s most devastating humanitarian crises, and the situation remains critical. Yet we hear very little about it in the media.

When cholera broke out in 2017, the people and the nation's healthcare system were simply not strong enough to cope. Many children and families were living in the rubble of their homes, or crowded camps – the worst places for diseases like cholera to spread. Children have been hit the hardest, and it's been a race against time to save their lives.

What we're doing to help

Despite difficult conditions and barriers to aid reaching people in need, we've been supporting health facilities and providing mobile health and nutrition teams across the country.

We've been able to set up cholera treatment centres and distribute medical supplies and oral rehydration kits. We’ve also been able to reach children and their families with education about the causes of cholera, and how to stay safe.

We're treating malnutrition, delivering safe drinking water and supplying urgently needed food and medicine. We also provide cash transfers for tens of thousands of families who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. And we protect children by providing safe environments where they can learn, interact and begin to recover from the trauma of civil war.

Learn more about how you can help children in Yemen.

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